• Soldiers landing on a beach
  • Soldiers in the middle of Urban warfare
  • Tank Warfare
  • Dogfight

The thing that makes this world run.

Soldiers and Vehicles in warEdit


  • Soldiers
  • Light Tanks
  • Medium Tanks
  • Heavy Tanks
  • Halftrack
  • Trucks
  • Jeeps
  • Tank Destroyer
  • Fighter Aircraft
  • Bomber Aircraft
  • Transport Aircraft




  • Raid: A small battle between two sides when one side would most likely have raided an enemy town or other place of significance.
  • Ambush: Normally a small battle, usually only involves soldiers, maybe a tank or two. The attacker suprises the defender, gaining an advantage
  • Firefight: A small shooting between two sides, normally would be two squads to a platoon firing at one another.
  • Battle: Can be any battle, large or small. Can involve soldiers and vehicles of all sorts
  • Battle of Encounter: Battle where neither side is prepared for attacking or defending
  • Battle of Attrition: When one side fights solely to inflict more casualties on the other side then their own.
  • Battle of Breakthrough: Aims to pierce through the enemy's defense.
  • Battle of Encirclement: Surrounding an enemy into the middle of a circle or into a place they can't escape
  • Battle of Envelopment: Flanking the enemy from both sides
  • Battle of Annihilation: When the entire enemy party is destroyed or defeated on the battlefield.
  • Trench Warfare: Fighting in trenches, normally has one side on the defensive in trench and one offensive side, trying to overrun the trench. (LAND ONLY)
  • Amphibious Warfare: A invasion by soldiers landing on the coast which is normally heavily defended by the enemies there.
  • Strategic Victory: Victory that brings the victor a major advantage and hurts the enemy's ability to wage war
  • Tactical Victory:  Victory that results in the completion of the main objective of that side.
  • Decisive Victory: Victory of a battle that has a major impact of the entire war itself.
  • Pyrrhic Victory: Victory that had such a devastating cost to the winner that could in some ways also be a defeat.


  • Bombing: Use of aircraft to bomb enemies soldiers, cities or other important places.
  • Dogfight: A fight between two fighter planes.
  • Interceptors: Fighters that are used to intercept incoming aircraft, either Bombers or their Escorts.
  • Airborne Operation: When one side's soldiers is made up of almost all paratroopers dropped into the specific place via transport plane.
  • Aircraft Carrier Battle: When both sides have Aircraft Carriers and solely use the aircraft launched from them to fight one another.
  • Aircraft Carrier Bombardment: When small fighter-bombers are launched from aircraft carriers, usually to bomb enemy land systems or to torpedo naval ships.

War RulesEdit


  • You can't have a large amount of your nation be in your active military or reserve force.
  • Every nation has different technology their military uses, don't just copy each other.
  • Some armies are better then the other army, but they aren't impossible to beat.
  • There's many different kinds of military tactics, use them.
  • Your soldiers are use to their homes environment, if you send them to an entirely different place, then they probably will be poorly equipped and prepared.
  • The defender must be on when the war begins.
  • Any more nations joining in have to be approved by an admin to stop a person from being overwhelmed.