The delegation from the Russian Federation takes to the United Nations on an urgent matter relevant to the sovereignty of the two states involved in the conflict, concerning the Second Russo-Swedish War. They propose that military action should be taken on the Consulate of Sweden for repetitive warmongering.

APPEALING to Sweden that the resolution to the conflict will have dire consequences,

APPALLED at the number of lives lost in the brief 2 weeks that this war has extended onwards,

STRESSING to the United Nations that military action should be taken if conflict should continue,

HEREBY holds resolution 001 concerning the the expenditure of this listed war. Delegates from separate nations are requested to vote on this proposed resolution. Voting will resolve at 6:00 PM EST, 5:00 PM CST, 8:00 AM JST

This resolution has resolved, however the motion could not go forth due to unprecedented occurrences.Edit