The Nizhniy PactEdit

The Nizhniy Pact is a coalition of Slavic nations located in Eastern Europe. Established by Russia, it also incorporates Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Bulgaria.


In a counter to the French-Luxembourg-Germany pact forming, Russia proposed a pact to all Eastern European nations. Named the Nizhniy Pact, it is most likely stable due to ethnic similarities. It was established in 1939, and allows Russia to station as many troops as it deems necessary all across the states of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Bulgaria.

Military StrengthEdit

Numbers on land total somewhere around 8.1 million, making it the largest army in the world.

The navy totals about 1,300 vessels, with its strongsuit being in the Black Sea.

The air force is made up of about 2,000 fighter planes. Only about 740 of them are modern Russian aircraft like the MiG-1.

The armored brigade is made up heavily of Russian T-28s, 35s, and 34s. They are the backbone of the land forces.

Economic StrengthEdit

It's a very stable economy, and wielding the capitalist state free market system, it's armed with the most thriving markets in Europe. The only rival to the economy is the alliance between France, Luxembourg and Germany.

Foreign RelationsEdit

Not established.


Russia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria

Lesser territories include Angola, Togo, and Mauritania-Mali.