The Russian Armed Forces is a complex thing, hopefully this can clear some stuff up.

Armed ForcesEdit

The Russian Armed Forces is made up of 5 individual branches. These branches include:

  • Russian Ground Forces
  • Russian Air Force
  • Russian Navy
  • Russian Aerospace Defense Troops
  • Russian Airborne Troops
  • Russian Spetsnaz GRU

Russian Ground ForcesEdit

The Ground Forces of the Russian Federation (RussianСухопутные войска Российской ФедерацииSuhoputnye voyska Rossiyskoy Federatsiiare the land forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, formed from parts of the collapsing Soviet Army in 1928. The formation of these forces posed economic challenges after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and required reforms to professionalize the force during the transition.

The primary responsibilities of the Ground Forces are the protection of the state borders, combat on land, the security of occupied territories, and the defeat of enemy troops. The Ground Forces must be able to achieve these goals both in offensive and defensive war, especially without the use of weapons of international violation. Furthermore, they must be capable of protecting the national interests of Russia within the framework of its international obligations.

The Main Command of the Ground Forces is officially tasked with the following objectives:

  • The training of troops for combat, on the basis of tasks determined by the Armed Forces' General Staff.
  • The improvement of troops' structure and composition, and the optimization of their numbers, including for special troops.
  • The development of military theory and practice.
  • The development and introduction of training field manuals, tactics, and methodology.
  • The improvement of operational and combat training of the Ground Forces.