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  • You can't make new technology within 5 minutes, it needs to take a lot of time.
  • Only Superpowers are allowed to have nukes (Can't have them yet.)
  • You cannot just give your land, technology and/or military away it needs to have a reason (Treaty, Bought, Invasion etc.) 
  • You cannot leave a nation in anarchy nor can you invade a nation without reason.
  • An invasion of a NPC must be allowed by an admin (Go's for other admins too.)
  • Listen to admins like you listen to BrickGuyDK
  • Any immature roleplay on the wall is not allowed.
  • Using ALTs is an automatic ban for the ALT and will also bring consequences for the owner of the ALT.
  • Population is very important, you cannot godmod and change your population by a large amount for no reason.