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Flag of Poland

Poland, officially known as the Republic Of Poland, is a country in central Europe bordered by Nazi Germany, USSR, Czechslovakia, the Baltic Sea, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, and Belarus. The Republic of Poland officially gained independence after the famous 1917 revolt against the "Regency of Poland." This resulted in the dissolution of the Regency and paved the way for a united Poland. After independence, however, instability seized the country. Riots and protests occurred all across the country for 22 years attempting to determine the new nation's leaders, however, no Polish was pleased with the new arrangements. Regimes after regimes rose and fell, and this gave the USSR the idea to finally annex Poland in 1939. For two very long and hard years, Poland suffered kidnappings and purges under Stalin's regime. USSR did not seem to care about Poland in any way, and finally in 1941, the Poles rose once again against the Soviets. These series of protests were called the "Week of Blood." The protests were led by highly popular members of the community Symon Luzinski , and Angelika Stawski, both who would become Poland's future leaders. After the fall of the Soviets rule of Russia, they hastily organized a Communist government and moved all forces out of the country. Within a few hours however, the government was toppled and the United Polish Democratic Party took rule. Poland's capital was then officially named Warsaw. After gaining independence, Poland has been blessed with a moderately growing economy and gains profit from it's machine building, iron and steel, chemicals, ship building, food processing, and glass. The currency of Poland is the złoty, and it's banknote companion.
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Polish Coat of Arms

Poland is a Parliamentary Republic and consists of 16 administrative subdivisions. Poland's current President is Symon Luzinski, and the current Prime Minister is Angelika Stawski. Both are Polish nationalist and strong supporters of the democratic nation it has become since the revolt against the "Regency of Poland," and were also well known key-players of the removal of Poland's second infamous and corrupt President Josef Plisduki. The pair soon founded the "United Polish Democratic Party," or "UPDP" for short. The UPDP controls a majority of the Senate, Poland's upper house, and the Sejm, Poland's lower house.

Poland's current population is 31,000,000 and the most practiced religion is Catholictism.