Axis map
Axis Alliance

The Axis Alliance was formed on January 28, 1941 between Germany and Japan. Soon this came to also include Spain, Italy, Russia, Iran, Kazahkstan and Israel.


The Axis Alliane was formed on January 28, 1941. The two founding nations were Germany and Japan. Eventually Russia, Italy, Spain, Kazahkstan, Iran and Israel would also join. The only other alliance made during around this time was the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. 

Tensions in the Axis stayed fine until Italy claimed Spain had sunk their destroyer with one of their submarines. War was barely stopped due to pressure on Italy by many nations. The next week, the Pope had declared a "Crusade" on the Middle East. Italy was the only Axis nation too support this, with non-Axis nations Sweden and Slovenia supporting it. Germany and Spain had supported Iran and Israel, both Axis nation. The crusade was also stopped by pressure from many nations.