Anti-Communism is the disapproval of Lennist-Marxist ideas. Anti-Communist ideals are mostly followed in far right nations.

In SpainEdit

Being a communist in Spain can be punishable by death. The ideology is feared by the populace due to propaganda, which dissapproves communism. Anti-communist ideas started with the fall of the Spanish Republic, a pro-Marxist state. Franco posted anti-communist posters across Spain as well as releasing anti-communist broadcast into the radio. With the fall of the Republic, all communist known are arrested or even killed. The actual purges agaisnt communism began with the execution of Manuel Azaña. In order to eliminate all communist from Spain, it is required by law to report any one suspected of being communist.


The Spanish Special Forces is the primary reason for the downfall of Communism in Spain. The force often raids and destroys communist insurgent groups, concentrated in secret locations as well as in hidden townhouses in bustling cities.

Operation Pax RomanaEdit

Operation Pax Romana sought to eliminate all communist from Madrid and the surrounding area. The operation was taken place due to the possibility of communist rioting in the city and destroying the central government. The operation ended in a tatical victory for the armed forces, eliminating many communist groups within the targeted area as well as the execution of Manuel Azaña.

Operation SunsetEdit

Propaganda and CiviliansEdit


The most common anti-communist poster in Spain